Floor Coatings

Floor Coatings
W-4350 E EXP
Polyethylene wax dispersion, with fine particle size, that improves water repellence and water loss in concrete sealers.
W-1392 EXP
Hard crosslinkable polymer, suggested for the formulation of floor coatings with high gloss and wear resistance. Ideal for floor polish formulations.
Polyethylene wax dispersion with fine particle size, recommended for the formulation of floor coatings and polishes.
W-498 LO EXP
Low odor polymer with early block resistance, excellent exterior durability and highly versatile for concrete sealers and coatings.
W-5004 EXP
Alkali-soluble polymer for the manufacture of floor polishes to develop high gloss and high wear, along with ease of use and low color.