Interior Paints

Interior Paints
WE-617 M EXP
APEO-Free, low-odor, useful in the formulation of stain resistant interior flat to satin architectural paints. This polymer has a controlled particle size and performs well in low, medium and high PVC formulations.
WE-616 M EXP
APEO-Free, useful in the formulation of commercial flat to semi-gloss interior architectural paints with excellent gloss capability.
W-1343 EXP
Vinyl acrylic polymer with excellent scrub and stain removal capabilities for interior paints.
W-5916 EXP
Vinyl acrylic for high quality flat to semi-gloss interior paints.
W-394 EXP
Aqueous styrene and acrylate-based polymer, suitable for the manufacture of flat to satin paints. High pigment-binding capacity.
W-595 EXP
Copolymer dispersion with a broad formulation latitude (interior and exterior paints) with exceptional cost-performance balance.

Exterior Paints

Exterior Paints
WE-611 M EXP
Versatile polymer, developed for use in interior and exterior for flat to semigloss paints, along with very good rheology profiles, and high gloss potential. It is also suitable for quality exterior semigloss trim paints. Ammonia-free, APEO-free, and with low particle size.
Eco-Friendly core-shell acrylic polymer, suitable for high blocking resistant coatings, low-VOC paints, and with good thickener response.
W-407 EXP
Low coalescent demand binder suitable for high quality paints.
W-498 LO EXP
Low odor polymer with early block resistance, excellent exterior durability and highly versatile for flat to semi-gloss house paints.
W-8494 AZ EXP
Binder with excellent early block resistance and very good scrub resistance; suitable for interior and exterior paint-and-primer applications.

Low VOC Paints

Low VOC Paints
WE-607 M EXP
Offers low coalescent demand to meet strict VOC regulations with high scrub resistance and gloss potential.
W-4090 EXP
Acrylic binder with excellent water, alkali and efflorescence resistance. This polymer offers excellent stain removal and dirt pick-up resistance.

Sport Surfaces

Sport Surfaces
W-4201 EXP
Versatile, general-purpose styrene-acrylic binder for high traffic floor paints and sports surface coatings.


Low molecular weight sodium salt polymeric dispersant for architectural paints and coatings.
W-1459 EXP
Controlled molecular weight sodium polyacrylate with high solids content. Very effective as a general dispersant in water-based coatings.
W-5012 EXP
Ammonium polyacrylate-based dispersant for a broad range of architectural water-based paint formulations from flat to high gloss enamels.

Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers
W-6000 EXP
Acrylic thickener, Alkali Swellable Emulsion (ASE).
W-7885 EXP
Associative hydrophobically modified alkali soluble rheology modifier (HASE).
WP-229 EXP
Very high performance acrylic thickener (HASE), low-shear builder.
WP-383 EXP
Mid-shear builder, hydrophobically modified alkali soluble rheology modifier (HASE). Good rheology profile.
WP-292 EXP
Associative acrylic rheology modifier (HASE), low and mid-shear builder.